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Post-Op Recovery Sessions

What Stage Are You In?

Cosmetic Surgery Definently takes a toll on your mental health, being overly prepared may not be such a bad thing, in this case


Girl Im Still Draining!

1 to 14 days post-op

Most women stay in recovery homes after surgery, but some just want to be at home, If this is you book here

Any Lipo, tummy tuck, BBL, Breast Augmentation


Im a bit depressed; where are my resluts?

Weeks 2-4 can be really tough, if you you dont have a regular massage routinue in place by now. After care is the most important part for your healing journey. Needing a little TLC, we encourage you to, call if you have any  questions 


Im getting the hang of this sis. Im just here for maintence!


Here comes the fun stuff. Book an ice sculpting, sauna session, Body melt down or wood therapy to increase circulation, breakdown any unwanted scar tissue or fibrosis. Make sure to keep your compression tight.